What is Digital Marketing?


Brilliant and Enticing. Reminding customers they have a need for your brand’s product.


Targeting and Efficient. Because your brand should be clicked on before someone else’s.


Apt and Engaging. Helping to make your brand’s product resonate as your customers’ only solution.

Landing Pages

Direct and Guiding. Push your prospects through the sales funnel. One screen at a time.

Social Media

Emotional and Followable. Remembering some sales and most relationships require daily, encouraging, human interaction.

Web Maintenance

Preventive and Timely. Ensure your brand’s digital homebase is always performing.
It’s the website where you love to shop. It’s the news article you read on your smartphone while you’re waiting in line. It’s the banner ad that follows you across the Internet as well as every search engine’s manipulable list of search results. Digital Marketing is the use of digital tools to connect customers to products. It’s the reason why companies Tweet, why the podcast has overtaken the radio station, and why Amazon has made Jeff Bezos the richest person in history.


Good copy explains, and is frequently skimmed. Great copy describes, engages, and sells. It develops a serious product-consumer relationship. It hurts customers to read and later not make a purchase:

Print/Web Content

Engage audiences with our custom-written articles, website text, eBooks, etc.: whatever writing your brand needs to captivate its customers and motivate them to pull out their wallets. Not sure what kind of content will aid your brand? Allow us to don our thinking caps.


Simplify complex processes so everyone can understand them. We take your advanced engineering, medical,  financial, software and hardware, etc. concepts and communicate them in clear, well-organized, easy-to-follow and -understand documents. Perfect for manuals, memos, and saving you precious time.


Promote brand awareness and engage existing customers with our custom-written, schedulable blogging services. We would be happy to wax poetic on your romance services, informative on your financial services, inspiring on your travel services, and even nostalgic on Throwback Thursday.


Sales reps hungry, but not quite doing their quotas justice? Or maybe your templates could use an overhaul. Contact us to write or rewrite your mail, phone, and email sales templates for all stages of the sales cycle. (We were “Sales Rockstars” in our former professional lives.)

Press Release

Improve your brand’s image by telling the press exactly what it needs to know and disseminate that information to the public. Whether product launches, company updates, or scandal saves, we know exactly how to generate the right buzz about your brand.


We get it. You’re busy focusing on the bottom line. No problem. We’ll write your brand’s catchy slogans and jingles; craft its emotionally-driving stories, storyboards, and ad campaigns so your customers believe your product to be the only panacea of their dreams.

The Digital Marketing Essentials

It all begins with your brand’s website. This is where customers will make their purchases, after all. The “Checkout” or “Buy Now” type of buttons are your end goal.

Digital Marketing exists to motivate your customers to tap and click those buttons. It’s why we exist, too. We’ll use digital strategies like Search Engine Optimization and Copywriting and digital tools like Social Media, Blogs, and Landing Pages to ensure more and more of your brand’s customers want to click the above buttons on your website once, twice, and more.  

Don’t be edged out of the competition by companies with better managed and implemented Digital Marketing Strategies. Click on our “Contact Us” tab today to get started.

Web Maintenance

Sometimes even the best websites wet the bed. Nothing is safe and no plan is truly foolproof, but one, or a few, backup plans should keep your sheets dry.

Leave It To Us!

We stay on-call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to ensure your website always performs. Even when you’re sleeping and your beloved, manic, 4 a.m. regular customer has submitted feedback about a purchase not working, or a product image not appearing. It happens, but don’t even think about it as a problem. We’ve already designed your website so we can receive the alert and fix the issue before you can even begin to stumble around your kitchen as you attempt to make your day’s first cup of coffee. You’re more than welcome.

Search Engine Optimization

Harness the power of sites like Google and Bing to transform consumers’ everyday reliance upon these digital, encyclopedic friends to be the first of your competitors to appear as the solution to consumers’ problems.

What is SEO?

Seriously though, how does one optimize a search engine? There’s almost a google’s worth of results. Well. We’re glad you asked! The key to SEO is to produce an organic, high-quality site-viewing experience for both consumers as well as for ‘crawlers,’ or the algorithm-directed robots which ‘crawl’ webpages to determine relevance to associated search terms. The key adjective here, too, is organic. The content on your website, the digital architecture of your website, and the underlying HTML code all need to factor in the search terms your customers will be likely to use.

Analytics and Tracking

Okay! Your website has been custom-designed. Organic traffic has soared! …But can it do better…? (Am I allowed to ask that?) Of course it, and you, can! That’s why we measure everything we do. Check out a few of our constant SEO improvement strategies below:

We follow the best practices for SEO

On Page Optimization

As we understand what keywords work best with your brand, we tailor our content (and often rewrite it) to include more and more of those keywords on your website’s pages. If the ‘crawlers’ are basing part of their relevance association measurements on the number of times a keyword appears on a site, you want your content to include more and more of the keywords which your consumers will be typing into those search bars so your website appears higher on the list of results.


Those infamous ‘crawlers’ can be better directed with the help of metatags, descriptors we include to describe the content on your website in data forms ‘crawlers’ can understand. For example, a ‘crawler’ might parse out the keywords which match the search query on your ‘Services’ page, but it won’t know the text, images, etc. on the page comprise a ‘Services’ page. When metatags describe your pages, ‘crawlers’ better match search queries to your site.

Keyword Research

We love to determine which keywords yield the greatest results for your brand. From the most obvious to the surprisingly obscure, and whether they’re trending or not, it is imperative we know what your consumers are typing into those search bars. And of course it’s not the same every time, and the terms they use slowly (or quickly) evolve as you and your competitors change up your content to attract and engage more of the market.

Back-link Building

Think about backlinks as you would about your LinkedIn endorsements, or just your references. Essentially, they are links from external web pages which link back to your website. Like the above comparisons, they are positive exposure (any press is good press, right?), and the more you have, the better your search engine reputation, or the higher your page will appear on search results. Not that you were worried, but yes, we do excel at building metric tons of backlinks.

Social Media Marketing

Let’s get social! Everyone else has been doing it, have you? Better yet, have you been doing it well? Don’t freak out. We’re here to help you emotionally attract your most vulnerable pool of customers.

Social Media Management

Have us do all of the heavy lifting. We know exactly what will keep your intended audience engaged and how to attract and retain your customers.
  • Active Profiles
  • Customer Retention
  • Increased Likes and Follows
  • Scheduled Postings
  • Increased Engagement

Developing a Social Media Strategy

There are steps in attracting and retaining potential customers is to get them to notice your brand. This means leading them to your website, or to one of your social media pages. You need to display your brand’s content in impressive, awe-inducing ways. Your goal is to make these potential customers naturally feel as if your brand, and your brand alone, will solve their problem. Even if your business was not specifically designed to target their problem, or even if these potential customers did not know they had a problem, content-rich galleries like Instagram are the perfect place to convert visually-oriented leads into customers.

Landing Pages

Where your customer will end up after clicking on one of your digital advertisements. These are typically designed to continue the ad’s premise, but also exist as part of internal website campaigns.

Call to Action (CTA)

Direct your customers to take a specific action. Typically a purchase or an agreement to subscribe to the brand’s content. As with any sale, urgency is key. For those who can navigate a website just fine or for those who need a little more direction, thank the CTA: “Click Here.” “Buy Now.” “Subscribe Here!” “Don’t Wait. Order Today.” Even the most motivated still need your brand’s call to prevent them from taking action on your competition’s website.

Custom Tailored Content

Sometimes your sales campaign runs slower. Your customers need to develop more of a relationship with your brand and its products or customers. It takes time to engender a sense of comfort in those who aren’t quick to part with their money. Maybe the landing page offers more information about the product. Maybe a pop-up on your homepage helps you generate more leads by offering a free eBook for those who subscribe to your email campaigns.

The Funnel Page

Static website designs aren’t enough to convert visitors into customers. Funnel pages dynamically solve this problem with their unique, single-pane, action-oriented, interactable content. For fast campaigns, it’s the page that has you “Buy Now!” and then “Checkout” on the next page. For slower campaigns, the funnel page brings you through a longer series of informative pages or directs you to derivative content like your brand’s WordPress blog, Youtube vlog, or SoundCloud podcast. Whatever builds a relationship into a sale.


Make capitalism work for you. Pay search engines to improve your appearance on search engines’ results pages. When everyone’s SEO is fantastic, you need to step up your game and invest in this additional subset of Search Engine Marketing.

Research and Targeting

Who is your target market? What does their Internet activity look like? What sites do they visit on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? Which ones emotionally compel them to click on the display and banner ads which target them? Thanks to Google AdWords, and similar platforms, accessing and utilizing this information has become much more efficient. There’s still a rigorous learning curve to these platforms, but our ability to deftly harness their power will more than save you money.

Campaign Creation and Management

Your target market has been researched and identified. We’ve drafted, finalized, and piloted your advertising plan. So… how’s the plan going? Is it succeeding? Is it breaking records? Is it just middling? Did it run out of funds? Are you too stressed out managing the tangibles in your business to check how your online ad campaign may be running? Yes? Absolutely? It’s okay. We love tinkering with campaigns so they always succeed according to your budget.

Conversion and Tracking

The number of visitors who purchase products or services on your website after clicking or viewing one of the ads we have created for your business can be tracked. Big Data is indeed watching the world: a lovely thing to hear from the marketing perspective. When we know what ads better position your brand to appeal to, influence, and convert more of your traffic into customers, we can accurately refine your ad campaigns to maintain and increase your business.

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