We are focused on providing you with the most comprehensive and creative solutions.

We work hard to realize your vision. We remain unsatisfied until we have showcased the unique essence of your business. To this end, we’re supremely professional, but with a down-to-earth sensibility which makes working with us both easy and satisfying. We truly listen to you to ensure your needs are met: on-time and on- or under-budget.

Who We Are

A few diverse individuals. One cohesive marketing effort: centered on you. We love learning about your business, evaluating its brand, and listening to your business’s brand’s story. We love a good story. Your customers do, too. It’s what makes life worth living. It’s what compels relationships and so purchases. It’s what motivates us to help you.

What We Do

Help you. Help your brand. Help your business succeed by telling its brand’s story. We know your products and services were made with an earnest passion, but do your potential customers? Most purchases are motivated not by cold, calculating, price-comparison logic, but by emotionally resonant impulses, or ‘small moments’ – we delight in creating those.

Why We Do It

We believe your business’s brand has a story to tell, we believe it’s worth telling, and we know we can help you tell it. That’s our business’s brand’s story-in-the-making. Join us as we visualize smiles and fist pumps on the other side of the screen when customers view your website. The one we’ll custom-design for you.

Meet the Team


Eddie V.

Founder / Digital Media Specialist

Maggie L.

Global Business Manager

Simon P.

Lead Photographer

Sherry C.

Business Development Director

Ashley S.

Social Media Specialist
  • Experience

    With over ten years in business under our belts, we’ve seen shifts in industry, technology, economy, design, and sensibility, all without faltering or veering from our fundamental business plan. We know what works and we know how to build beautiful creations to withstand all of time’s tests.

  • Reliability

    A company is only as good as their weakest link. This is why we hire and train only the best in the business to ensure we are always working with knowledgeable and reliable professionals. Our staff is always prepared to address and overcome any challenge within the time constraints you have set forth.

  • Support

    You’re never more than a phone call away from Ve-Studios. We know, sometimes, problems happen when you least expect them. Just because you have an issue on a weekend or on a holiday, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve quick support. We happily take phone calls, texts, emails, and messages 24/7.

  • Results

    All these pillars of success mean nothing if we don’t provide you with fantastic results which fit your needs and enhance your brand. Ve-Studios values results above all else. Our clients’ satisfaction is how we remain in business and manage to only provide you with the best work.

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